Type B4 (Series 4) Audi 80 technical Data (1991- 1994

This information is correct as far as we know, but you use this information AT YOUR OWN RISK!

More information is to follow in the (hopefully) near future. This information is supplied to help owners that cannot obtain the information elsewhere- Haynes have stated that they will NOT do a workshop manual for this model, they think there will be a lack of sales (!) (They do not cover quattro models anyway!). As for Robert Bentley, it is unknown as to whether they will also do a manual, as they only do workshop manuals for the USA market.

All information is supplied as is, and is probably for the UK specific models. All information is Copyright © 2000 Audi Owners Club.

More information on specific questions is available in the audi enthusiast’s list e-mail archive, or on a couple of sites within our linkssection.

These pages are NOT complete!

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Model Information

Engine Type Identification

Lubricants & Fluids

Individual Engine Details & Extra information

Version Engine Code Catalytic Converter Capacity Kw/ bhp transmission
80 1.6E



3 -way 1595cc 52/ 7175/ 102 5 Speed Gearbox
80 2.0E ABTABK, AAD 3 -way 1984cc 66/ 9085/ 115 5 Speed GearboxAutomatic Transmission
80 2.0E quattro ABK6AACE 3 -way 1984cc 85/ 115101/ 137103/ 140 5 Speed Gearbox
80 2.3E80 2.3E quattro NG 3 -way 2309cc 98/ 133 5 Speed GearboxAutomatic Transmission5 Speed Gearbox
80 2.6E80 2.6E quattro ABC 3 -way 2598cc 110/ 150 5 Speed GearboxAutomatic Transmission5 Speed Gearbox
80 2.8E80 2.8E quattro AAH 3 -way 2771cc 128/ 174 5 Speed GearboxAutomatic Transmission5 Speed Gearbox
S2 Coupé 3BABY 3 -way 2226cc 162/ 220169/ 230 5 Speed Gearbox6 Speed gearbox



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On the 4 cylinder and 10 valve 5 cylinder engines, the engine code can be found on the left hand side of the engine block.

On the 20 valve 5 cylinder engines, the engine code is on the right hand rear side of the cylinder head.

On the 6 cylinder engines, you need to remove the engine block cover to see the engine code, which is situated on the right hand side of the engine block/ cylinder head division.

The engine code can also be found on both the timing belt cover (on a sticker) and in the spare wheel housing on an identification plate.


Lubricants & Fluids

Assembly Capacity (Litres) Specifications Checks Replace/ Change Torque Settings
engine sump(including oil filter) AAD, 6A,ACE, ABK,ABT, ABM:3 litres

ABB: 3.5 litres

NG: 4.0 litres


5.0 litres

VW 500.00 orVW 501.01if not availableAPI SF or SG VW 500.00all temperatures:SAE 5W 40/50,SAE 10W 30/40

VW 501.01:

above -15ºC:

SAE 15W 40/50

SAE 20W 40/50

-15ºC to 15ºC:

SAE 10W 30/40

all temperatures:

SAE 5W 50,

SAE 10W 50/60


viscosity’s as VW 501.01

every time every 15,000 km/annually drain plug:4 cylinder: 30 Nm5 cylinder: 40 Nm6 Cylinder: 40 Nm
transaxle 2.35 litresquattro: 2.85 litres VW transmission oil:G 50 SAE75W -90 Every 15,000 km/Annually-only for leaks at overhaul  
automatictransmission change: 3.0 litrestotal: 5.4 litres ATF Dexron II   every 30,000 km/annually every 60,000 km/4 years, or afteroverhaul  
automatictransmission/differential 1.0 litre Hypoid gear oilAPI GL-5 SAE 90 every 15,000 km/annually-only for leaks after overhaul  
rear axledifferential 1.3 litres Hypoid gear oilAPI GL-5 SAE 90 every 15,000 km/annually-only for leaks after overhaul  
coolingsystem 1.6E, 2.0E: 6.5 litres2.2E, 2.3E: 8.5 litres2.6E, 2.8E: 11 litres water with 40% anti freeze GO11 V8Baccording to specification: TL- VW 774B every time every 2 years  
brake/ clutchsystem   brake fluid to specification DOT 4 every time every 2 years  
fuel tank 66 litresS2: 70 litres unleaded 95 RON      

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Individual Engine Specifications

Please click your engine code below to access individual specifications:


2.0E engine code ABT

2.0E engine code ABK/ AAD

2.0E 16 valve




S2 Coupé