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My first Audi was a series III, tornado red 80 with a 1.8E engine. I did 35,000 miles in 2 years with out it ever going wrong. I upgraded it for a series IV volcano black 80 that had the 2.8E engine. Whilst this had plenty of poke, it lacked many refinements essential for luxury driving. I therefore decided what I wanted was an Audi V8. Not only are they affordable and swift, but most luxury items are fitted as standard.Click here for larger picture

I got together with my V8 through ‘The Auto Trader’, the blind date being 14th February 1997! According to the vendor, I was the only caller out of 20 who knew anything about the car. I bought it that night on a 100 mile round trip and collected it a week later.

Click here for larger pictureMy V8 has the 3.6 litre engine (a 4.2 being out of my price league) and is decked out in glacier blue. The pull of the V8 was too much because I had always sworn I would NEVER own a blue car. My girlfriend’s (Sue) amazed reaction being “It must be fantastic for you to buy a blue car.” The most favoured feature must be the 4 heated leather seats that have been a joy to use over the winter months. Whilst features such as the cruise control are occasional handy (in making sure not to speed through roadwork’s), there are others I have yet to find a use for (such as the ski bag). Still its nice to have the toys there if you want them.

My V8 had been imported in from Audi Northern Ireland, but rather than keep the original Irish number plate I bought AUD 188R for it instead, which is often a talking point. It had covered 107,000 miles Click here for larger picturewhen I bought it and have since covered another 10,000 miles. The car has 16″ lattice alloys which I have had re-shod with 4 new Dunlop tyres, transforming the ride for the better. Other little jobs completed on the car in the last year include, replacing missing wheel trims and air vents, fixing the gear indicator, correcting a sticking exhaust valve and recharging the air conditioning unit. I’ve touched up the stone chips on the bodywork but anything mechanical I leave to my friends at ‘Big T Services’ in Oldbury who help me keep the car running well whilst keeping the bills down – Thanks!

Click here for larger imageWhilst my V8 isn’t 100% pristine at the moment, it is my intention to eventually have it that way and to keep on enjoying on a daily basis.

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